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New Loyalty Entertainment is comprised of energized individuals who want to entertain audiences around the world. We strive to create the best short film entertainment using pop culture icons for reference and original ideas. Inspired by so many great films over the last three decades and beyond, Jason Wright, the President CEO of NLE, shoots, acts, directs, edits, writes screenplays and more. He is the fuel and the passion that pushes New Loyalty Entertainment to new heights.

For Jason, what started as a hobby morphed into something deeper and complicated. In 2001 he shot his first film, Neural Executable Technology (Part 1) and as the years went by he expanded on the series growing new skills and developing a Lord of the Rings fan-film called the Road the End which has been viewed over 4,000 times and garnered positive reviews from fan-film sites and editors at IGN.

Now, we set our laser focus on meeting new people, grouping up with new talent and continuing development of fun and entertaining shorts. We run full bore against a budget and a timeline to build a continual stream of content for viewers of our YouTube One Channel.

If we have made you laugh, smile or cry (due to awesomeness) then we feel we have succeeded. Join us on our journey by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, liking us on Facebook and stalking us wherever else we may exist.




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